Reaching and uniting multiple people groups with the gospel of Christ

in order to create followers of Christ.

"What are Community Groups?"
Community Groups are made up of 15 or so people that meet together each week throughout Gwinnett and Walton County with the goal to velcro people to the two things we need most: the Bible and other Christians.

“How do I get connected to a Community Group?”

 If you’re interested in getting plugged in to a Community Group just click the link below.  There you will see all of our groups along with the day and time that they meet.  For any further details, contact Pastor Jamie.
 Call: 770-852-8680

Current Groups

Colbaugh Community Group

​Sundays 5:30 PM (Dacula area)
The Colbaugh group is made up of young families with children preschool up to preteen age.   

Thomas Community Group

Sundays 5 PM @ varies homes
The Thomas group is made up primarily of a mixture of young couples, parents with teens, and even a few empty nesters.

Merritt Community Group

Sundays 5:00 PM (Monroe area)
The Merritt group is made up of young families with children preschool up to preteen age.  

Gibbs Community Group
Sundays 5PM (Monroe area)

The Gibbs group is made up of young families with children preschool up to preteen age. 

Strauthers Community Group

Sundays 9:15 AM @ the church
The Strauthers group focus on the book Fundamentals of the Faith. This group meets during the service. 

Cline Community Group

Sundays 9:30 AM @ 2727 Bluestem Path, Loganville
The Cline group is made up primarily of empty nesters.

Barfield Community Group

Sundays 11:00 AM @ the church
The Barfield group is new to Berean. If you're new to Berean, you may want to start here!

Student Community Group

Sundays 9:15am @ the church (Room 130)

This group is open to all students 6th-12th grade. 


Here at BBC we believe nothing is more important than Community Groups (CG)!  That doesn’t mean Community Groups are the most important thing here, it just means nothing is “more” important.  God’s word tells us the foundation of the church is Christ, and each Christian is a living stone (1 Pet 2, Eph 2).    In other words, it’s really important for every Christian to be built up together in community as we grow in Christ.  The way we do that is through our Community Groups.