Reaching and uniting multiple people groups with the gospel of Christ

in order to create followers of Christ.

Our Motto:
“Learning, Living and Sharing God’s Truth”

Our Mission: Why Do We Exist?
Berean Bible Church exists to reach and unite multiple people groups with the gospel in order to produce faithful followers of Christ.

Our Vision: What Will It Look Like?
We desire to create a worshiping community where the focus is not on external characteristics (race, age, education, economic status, etc.), but on developing internal Christ-like characteristics that truly define who we are as believers.

Our Discipleship Model: How Will We Accomplish This?
Our mission is built by assembling a racially diverse ministerial staff to lead the church and a racially diverse worship team that will minister with a musical style that will cross cultural boundaries. Likewise, we will pursue to build a multi-ethnic congregation. These intentional steps combined with a weekly corporate worship experience and small groups where all people feel welcomed and the Word of God is preached will be the catalyst for our mission and vision.

Our Associations:

The Southern Baptist Convention
The North American Mission Board
Our  Core Values:
Corporate Worship
Expository Preaching and Teaching
Christ-like Living
Reach the lost locally and abroad
Members that serve